GX 440 Eairlink DDNS

Hello everyone-

GX440, Verizon, ALEOS, can pull pages so data service is functioning (all green LEDs).

I’m attempting to utilize the IP Manager DDNS (eairlink) inside my GX440… I’ve set it up properly (i think) because everytime I power off/on the 440 and do an nslookup on my domain name it replies with the correct IP address of the 440 (confirmed by logging in locally to the 440).

I guess I’m confused as to why the DDNS server is apparently functioning but not passing any data to the 440…
I can’t pull the ACE manager page xxxx.eairlink.com:9191 or my port-forwarded private ip (a canon camera). I also cannot access the 440’s public IP address of 100.xxx.xxx.xxx:9191, either. OTA http access is enabled in ACEManager, default port of 9191.

I’m not using a DMZ and I wouldn’t think I need to- I’ve forwarded TCP and UDP unsolicited requests to the proper local host ip (, canon camera) on the appropriate port…

Is the eairlink service still active?? I’ve had no luck with no-ip.org/com either, however I do use no-ip.com at the house so I know it does in fact work.
NSlookup correctly associates the 440’s IP to the domain name, that’s why I think I’m missing something easy.
Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone

Eairlink DDNS Port Number is 17338. Enclosed is a doc which I have found to be helpful.
IP manager_updated_setup.pdf (540 KB)