Integra M2106+

Good day! There is a problem. Have to use the modem Integra M2106+. The modem is controlled by AT commands. The modem is used to send e-mails offline device without SSL encryption. Now this is the actual encryption. Is it possible M2106+ be adapted to the SSL encryption? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.


The M2106 is way past end of life - so I don’t think you’re going to get any support for it.

However, have a look at the FXT100 which should be almost a drop in replacement for the M2106.

The current version of OpenAT and associated Internet library (WIP) support SSL - so you’re probably going to be better off looking at upgrading your modem.

Just my 2c.

ciao, Dave

Why do you have to :question:

If you’re just using it as a dumb modem - via AT commands - what is the specific dependency on the M2106+ :question: