Problem with AT software



I’m a beginner and I have an Integra M2106. I downloaded the lastest SDK, tried to compile the “Hello_World” sample with Visual C++ and it didn’t work.
I tested the RTE program and got an error in the Target Monitoring Tool. Sorry I didn’t wrote it. I downloaded the compiled version in the target and now, after the reboot, the AT software of the device is not responding ! I can’t discuss with the modem anymore. I can connect with the serial link but no answer from it.
How can I restore the factory settings?
Thank you for your help.



Download WA_DEV_M2106_PTS_003-001-1.pdf and read section 6.1.2. The one thing the section doesn’t seem to tell you is the name of the program you need to use! The program is DWLWin, which I don’t see as available under the Integra M2106 download section, so you may need to look under another product’s download section (try Q2687).


Hi Matt,
The firmware installed was not good. My distributor sent me the right one, I flashed it with DWLWin downloaded from another device and it works.
So, for the beginners, be sure that the firmware is good before installing the first sample program!