How to send e-mail by exceeding a certain threshold value by Octave

Customer would like to send e-mail if the threshold value is exceeded by edge action. Please let us know how to do it.

Customer would like to upload data by exceeding a certain threshold value. In parallel, customer would like to send this information by e-mail to user. Can Octave support it?

Hi, we don’t support email from Octave. What you could do is integrate with email API platform such as Twilio/Sendgrid via HTTP connector from Octave cloud?

Thanks. This meaning is that customer cannot send e-mail by edge action.
This procedure is only it on current octave. Is it correct?

Hi Takashi,
That is correct, Octave device are limited to communicate to Octave only, as part of the security. As Remy states, you could easily integrate to an external email system via cloud connector.

Thanks. Last question, do FX30 (WP7702) can work Legato (mangOH) and Octave in parallel?
This meaning is that customer can send e-mail from FX 30 and send data to octave if customer implement e-mail code by Legato (mangOH).

Hello Takashi,

The technical answer is yes, with caveats. You can create a new Legato application and host it on the Octave device and even integrate with Octave Legato APIs .

After you have done this, you can install and build your applications on the Linux kernel via the ssh but currently, you will not have a method to OTA your application to your device or be sure that it is compatible with future Sierra Wireless Octave firmware releases.

We do have partners that create applications around IoT expansion cards and then those applications are certified via Octave Product Management, Engineering and Testing and included in future Sierra Wireless Octave firmware releases.

The process of including a customer developed solution in Sierra Wireless Octave firmwares has only been offered to higher volume partners to date.