How to send customer serial number to Octave

My customer is studying to use WP7702 with Octave application at this time.
Customer would like to send the following data.
-battery value (ADC)
-UART data
-customer serial number
I think that WP7702 can send ADC and UART data to Octave.
But I do not know how to send customer serial number to Octave. Please advise how to send customer serial number?
Note: Customer would like to program legato (mangOH) application to WP7702. Is it possible to send serial number from their mangOH application to Octave server?


You can query the device serial number from a cloud action or external API using the following API…

API Link:



You can create a tag on the device with the FSN as content so that it is included in the tag section of the event.

Thanks for your quick answer.
About “external API using the following API”,
This API is for cloud edge action or legato (mangOH) application?

Hello, Takashi,

The API is for a cloud edge action in Octave or for use with an external (other than Octave ) cloud platform The API retrieves the FSN from the Octave cloud platform. Using a tag or meta data automatically includes the tag or meta data that is associated with the device in event streams.

One more note Takashi,

Tags or meta data are not included in data charges.