Octave Cloud Integration APIs

Place your favorite Octave HTTP/REST or Websockets API solutions under this topic. Please don’t include your Octave API user_id or Octave Master token in your posts!

// Get all device information
GET https://octave-api.sierrawireless.io/v5.0/<octave_account>/device/<device_name or device_Id>

// Get device information using Tags for filtering, Return only specific elements and limit the number of devices output
GET https://octave-api.sierrawireless.io/v5.0/<octave_account>/device/?filter=tags.Group=="<tag_value>"&only=name,hardware,blueprintId&limit=10

// Get all streams information for a device
GET https://octave-api.sierrawireless.io/v5.0/<octave_account>/stream/?filter=MATCHES <device_name>"

// Get all the events for a device or cloud stream by using the stream path
GET https://octave-api.sierrawireless.io/v5.0/iot_solutions/eventpath=/iot_solutions/devices/<device_name>/<stream_name>

// Update/create device tags, display name and a resource for a device
PUT https://octave-api.sierrawireless.io/v5.0/<octave_account>/device/<device_name or device_id>
Request Body:
“tags”: {
“Device_Type”: “MangoHRed”,
“Customer”: “Test Customer Name1”
“displayName”: “My New Device Name”,
“lcd”: {
“txt3”: “API Worked”


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Hi djudkins

Anyway to get user/token by Webservice HTTP/REST with username/password?


Hello Phuoc,

You can get the API token for your userid by logging into Octave, On the lower left side of the main page, you will see Master Token option. Click here and a pop up will display your token along with the userid you will use with the Octave Cloud APIs.

Thanks Djudkins

I known we can get token by GUI.
I expected some API to authenticate like Airvantage: https://doc.airvantage.net/av/howto/gettingstarted/.

Do we have same with Octave?


Hello Phuoc,

Not currently. if it is not already in the product plans, I would be surprised.