How to provision gateway devices FX30 FX30S and child devices using Octave APIs

We are trying to provision a gateway device and child devices using Octave APIs.
We got to know that there are sequence of APIs to be called to add a new gateway device and a child device. APIs in Octave to be called in backend like -provision, apply blueprint, add streams, add device information through events like IP address.
Could you please share the list of all the APIs to be called to do the provisioning?

Hi padmjasdeshpande,

You can get the list of all APIs at the link below:


We have the list of all the APIs available in the documentation link given. We are not able to understand the sequence of APIs to be called to provision a device through backend. We were given this documentation link saying that just call ‘provision’ api to add a new device. But provision ’’ api is not sufficient to onboard a device. Could you please help me with the list of APIs to be called to onboard a device which can send the data to cloud?

Hi padmjasdeshpande,

Firstly you need to download Postman and install it at

On your Octave cloud, at the bottom-left corner, click on your account as picture below and collect some info : “Master token”, “User name”, “Company name”. These info will be used in next step.

Open Postman, choose method “POST”, enter your url that contains your Company name.
In Headers tab, put the info which you have just collected in the previous step: X-Auth-Token = Master token, X-Auth-User = User name as picture below:

In Body tab, add your device info as picture below:

Finally, click Send button and check your device on Octave cloud.


This provision API is not sufficient. Device does not send the data to external cloud after running just the provision API. We are looking for further steps.

Hi padmjasdeshpande,

Octave API cannot help you send data to an external cloud. I think the best way to send data to the cloud is using its own API.

You may have more information on this topic : Having difficulty to use cloud connector to connect to Azure IoT Hub

Hope this information will be helpful for you


I believe what padmjasdeshpande is looking for is to add a device blueprint, tags, metadata and firmware via APIs. I am running into the same issue.

The single device provisioning API has worked for me, and I see there is another to Apply a blueprint, but I havent seen anything for applying Tags, Metadate or Firmware version.

What I have seen is the bulk provisioning via csv file - but I have not been able to get this to work with any of the additional data. When I include tags in the csv, the tag headers are imported but the values are not:
csv file:


And when I try to upload a .csv with blueprint and firmware values, I receive the following error:

These field headers are copied directly from the Octave documentation.

And this is all still just dragging the csv file into the import devices window - I havent been able to get a csv file sent properly to Octave via a API from Postman.