StreamIds and Paths API

I can’t see an API call to retrieve all the Stream Ids and Paths for a given device in the documentation. Is there an API call for this. the device does not return the list and I haven’t seen where to get this info

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Ian

Hello Ian,

For this, you can use Octave APIs filtering capabilities, using Regular Expressions:

To retrieve all streams in your company for a given device name, this is what it will result with (replacing <company_name> and <device_name> with the actual names:<company_name>/stream?only=id,path?filter=“path=~ /^/<company_name>/devices/<device_name>//”


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Thanks Augustin I suppose that if I don’t use the only=id I will also get the Path element of the stream.

Hello Ian, the above example includes ?only=id, path?.. so the path will be returned along with the Id.
As you say, the “only” part can be removed, expanded or adapted to your needs