Octave protocol and new sensor question

I use mangOH yellow with WP7702 module. Then, I have 4 questions for Octave, please advise them.

Q1. We can send some information as 1 message when we use “store & Forward” function.
Please let us know the maximum data size on 1 message.

Q2. Edge device (WP7702) is sending data to Octave server. What protocol do octave use? TCP protocol? Or HTTP?

Q3. I would like to verify the true function on Octave at default setting.
I think that /util/cellular/signal/enable is true at default setting. Is my understanding correct?

Q4. If customer would like to add new sensor via IoT slot card (ex. USB), should customer create it by legato (mangOH)?

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I did not receive any update, please support it.

Q1. Size of message is 20 Datapoints: Pricing Model
Q2. Octave uses LWM2M protocol between the device and Octave cloud. THis is transparent to you as we take care of this in background. You just have to focus on your application.
Q4. Here are the IoT cards compliant with Octave: Octave Edge Devices. Others are not supported natively with Octave. You could build your own indeed with legato app but then the whole FOTA infrastructure of Octave cannot be leveraged.

Thanks. Regarding Q4 answer.
For IoT device, there is possibility to use BT in the filed because some IoT sensor support BT interface. Do SWI have BT sensor IOT slot support plan for Octave?