How to use other sensor in WP7702 with Octave

Customer is evaluating Octave with mangOH yellow (WP7702) now.

In mass production, customer will use Octave with only WP7702 module.
But customer would like to use the following their sensor like mangOH yellow and send these data to Octave.
-Acceleration sensor
-Gyroscope sensor
-Battery power (ADC)

Please let us know how to use these sensor in Octave project like mangOH yellow?

Hello Takashi,

See the image below: On the mangHO yellow, you will use the low power, gyro and accel resources.
There is also a battery resource that is available. There are 2 ADCs available on the mangOH yellow that you configure through the services tab.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your update.
Customer already succeed to use ADC/Gyro/Accelerometer now.
But customer would like to use their sensor with only WP7702 module instead of MangOH yellow.
Please let us know how to use /program their sensor to WP7702 with Octave?