Procedure how to add LCD that is connected to I2C of WP7702 MangOH Read

According to MangOH Red Getting Started,
we can control LCD that is connected to WP7702 via I2C.

LCD is already registered in “Resources” of my MangOH Red platform in Octave but I want to learn how to add this LCD in “Resources” of Octave

I need to learn it for the case of the customer board.


Hello Takuya,

Please examine steps 7 and 8 in the getting started guide.

Hi David,
Thanks for your comment.
Step7 and Step8 explain how to use edge action with existing resources(lcd and red/sensor)
I want to know how to add these resources when I use pure WP7702 of Octave version.
If I choose MangOH Red, these resources are already added in “Resources”.
However, if the customer choose WP7702 as device, I feel these resources should be added manually.
I’d like to know how to added these resources in Octave.

Hi Tak,

Please refer to Working with Resources

Your device will initially broadcast its Resource tree, such that it is available to view and manage in the Octave dashboard as well as through the Device object in the Octave REST API.

In other words, you don’t add Resource from Octave portal, device advertises it. In your case, you need a Octave software version with the right LCD drivers.

I imagine if you load a mangOH RED version of Octave in your WP7702 the LCD resource should appear on the dashboard.

Hello Tak,

Is your goal to develop an application on the MangOH Red/WP7702 that can utilize the I2C interface currently being used by the LCD?

Hi David
I was assuming that if the customer build-up their board with WP7702 Octave module , they need to ass each resources manually.
However, according to Benoit comment, Octave will add it automatically so it’s needed.
In the other words, if there is not shown, I suspect such peripherals of driver does not support Octave natively so the customer should make it in Legato and implement it.
Is my understanding correct?

Hello Takuya,

Benoit is correct, via the Octave firmware, the device reports its resources to the Octave Platform . In the case of the LCD on an Octave enabled MangOH Red/WP7702, the LCD resource is displayed below.

You can download the latest Octave MangOH firmware Section 1.8) here:

or update the Octave MangOH Red via the Octave UI here:

Hi…SPI2 on RPI connector of mangOH is associated to inserted WiFi/BT chipset (MT7697) by means of USB-to-SPI connector (CP2130). MT7697 is utilizing CS0 chipselect from CP2130, but other chipselect signals (CS1 and CS2) are hypothetically accessible to associate other slave devices. As CP2130 driver isn’t pre-integrated into Linux framework at that point I would empower you to utilize the local SPI1 interface of WP7702 module which is accessible on IOT0 connector.