I2C on octave

Is it possible to read data form an external sensor with i2c and the IoT card which comes with the MangOH Yellow? I also want it in Octave. If the awnser is yes how can you do it?

Hi r0795090,

You can use i2cdetect command to read I2C device.

I did not find any information to read i2c data in Octave. You can refer to the below links for Sensor resources in Octave.

Hope it helps.

Hi Donald,

Octave enabled devices do not currently support the I2C protocol.

And if you write your code itself? Is that possible. I finaly need it in Octave, maybe with datahub?


As djudkins said:

Hi Lukas,

If you are familiar with Legato, you could indeed write your embedded Legato app to access the I2C and push your data in the datahub. It will show up then in Octave.

But Octave team does not recommend nor support that. Although maybe you would find some help on forum.mangoh.io or forum.legato.io in that case?

My 2 cents…

Have someone done this before? Because i need it verry soon and i’m not familair with Legato.
Thanks in advanced!

Hi r0795090

Please report your ticket to the legato forum for more supports in this case.

Hi djudkins
You mean currently Octave can not support I2C peripheral to read/control ?
What about ADC sensors?
My customers would like to monitor analog sensors and some digital sensors but I’m not sure how to add it in “Resources” of Octave Windows.
BTW, LED of MangOH red seems to be controlled by I2C.

Thank you.

Hello Takuya,

I2C serial sensors as an integration service are not yet supported by Octave. The hardware does utilize I2C internally. We do support ADC sensors and you can configure those via the Octave UI. GPIO Guides