Send json files from MangoH yellow to octave

Hi all
I was trying to send data from mangoh yellow server.
I build app that communicated with sensors at i2c on legato.
my question is is what the easy way to send the data to Octave API, I can save data in file and take from the file?

one more question , how I can get control from Octave API on GPIO pin (input/output).
when I was trying to send command to activate GPIO pins from AWS Server I can’t see anything.
from the octave website i can control on GPIO pins.


Can you tell us a bit more about what you are trying to do @elkanam ? Are you trying to route simple sensor readings from Octave to AWS? Aggregate sensor readings at the edge and send complex JSON to your AWS app. Understanding your data and command flows will help us provide some good options and best practices.

There are two ways to command a GPIO actuator from the cloud once it’s set up:

Hi Elkana, if you can call Octave API from your AWS service, then send a command to your device can be performed sending an event to the stream :command of the device.
In the event send a json document with the gpio resource path in Octave and the value you want to set.