FOTA custom FW on Octave?

I would like to deploy a customized FW (w/ Blutooth function) through Octave FOTA. According to the topic below, this feature will be available in the future. May I know if it is already available?

Hi @jameshorng ,
I cannot find the option for customized FW on Octave page. So I don’t think it supported to use yours. Please wait until it is completed

Hello James,

Customized, meaning firmware not provided by Sierra Wireless, is not yet supported in Octave… Currently, firmware for Octave devices must be tested and certified by Sierra Wireless. The product folks may add comments on this post as well to clarify.

which king of firmware woudl you like to download / to which device ?


We made the following chages for our project need with MangOH Yellow (WP7702).

  1. Change battery capacity to 4000mAh
  2. Implement ULPM through AT command for MangOH Yellow
  3. Use MangOh Yellow on board Bluetooth to scan BLE tag nearby.

We modified the following release from Github
commit 93ffe7df62970ad00c75bf547a6969b2d15cc086
Author: David Frey
Date: Fri Dec 4 12:54:33 2020 -0800
Update Octave .sinc files for Octave 3.1.0

We can provide you the changes we made for review.