Octave - mangOH yellow - 2.1.2-mangOH-0 (custom) to FOTA 2.1.2 "Failed"

If I try to upgrade a mangOH yellow from 2.1.2-mangOH-0 (custom) to 2.1.2 via the Octave web UI - after trying the web UI reports “Failed”.

Is this expected behaviour?


Hi John, We are seeing some network issues. Could you reboot your device and retry the FOTA?

Hi David

I am still experiencing some FOTA issues - FOTA mangOH yellow to 2.1.2 or 2.1.3 from manually USB flashed 2.1.2-mangOH-0 (custom) or module-2.1.0.wp77xx.spk

I manually flashed via USB the following FW that I downloaded from https://mangoh.io/mangoh-yellow-resources-software.


This resulted in the mangOH cloud report FW

2.1.2-mangOH-0 (custom)

With this FW I was not then able to update to the later FOTA

This is what I see at the Octave Cloud UI (2.1.2-mangOH-0 (custom) --> FOTA 2.1.3)


module-2.1.0.wp77xx.spk --> FOTA octave_2.1.3_wp77xx

Current FW state of the mangOH viewed from Octave Cloud UI

Hi David, at the moment, the latest mangOH yellow firmware for Octave is the one available on the mangOH yellow website: https://mangoh.io/mangoh-yellow-resources-software.

Version reported to Octave is 2.1.2-mangOH-0
The file is named: yellow_wp77xx_0.5.0-octave.spk

I recommend you stay with this one.

The 2.1.3 you have installed locally is the “module only” version, which does not include the mangOH yellow features.

The upcoming mangOH yellow release for Octave is 2.1.4, it will be available on Octave UI in a clean way.

The 2.1.2 showing as new in the UI is being removed.

Hope this clarifies.


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Hi Didier

I just used the Octave FOTA to upgrade “module-2.1.3.wp77xx.spk” -> 2.1.4

It upgraded no problem. Thanks everyone for this.

The testing I’m doing can use the module as opposed to the proper mangOH yellow software as this particular project is using just ORP via the serial port.



The following is the timeline for FOTA using 2G