Octave FW upgrade questions

I tried to upgrade FW to 3.1.0 on MangOH Yellow. The report portion showing this message that confused me. The FW version showing 3.1.0 but the grey part keep spinning for hours that won’t go away. Anyone can tell me if the upgrade have completed or not?


Question#2: if I make change (or add features) to the Octave FW, can I still upgrade to new FW? Will my change cause failure to future upgrade?

Hi @jameshorng ,

Please refer to below for my answer

Question 1:
Below is the Octave FOTA process, I just have done it on my device.

  1. Upgrade FW my device from 3.1.0 to 3.0.2. At “Recent changes” field, you can see your “FOTA_START” actions as below
  2. Once device completes installing new FW. The grey part near Firmware version information will disappear, and you can also observe the “FOTA_COMPLETE” action as below

    Upgrading a device over the air can take a long time depending on the size of the firmware package that needs to be uploaded to the device and the Access Technology which your device is using, i.e: time for upgrade using GSM technology will longer than LTE technology.

Question 2:
Basically, if your device can connect and sync to Octave server successfully, it can upgrade to the new FW.