Legato on FX30 octave

I have a FX30S Octave, Is it possible to run code on Legato directly, and send data/messages to Octave from another Legato process? What are the limitations/issues with this approach?

Any updates available on this open question? My thoughts are

I think it would be relatively easy to create a Legato application to interact with Octave via the Legato datahub application.

But I don’t see a way to bundle the new Legato Application with an Octave FW update.

I could hack a solution by

  1. Building a Legato app instead of a Legato system
  2. Install using a local IP connection to the Legato target

But this would bypass the Octave system causing long term issues

  1. Octave over the air updates wouldn’t update the new Legato app
  2. Legato roll backs would erase the app
  3. Long term api compatibility between the new Legato app and the Datahub

Another option would be to obtain the Octave edge device source or binaries then build a new system image. This solves 2. above but not 1.

Any thoughts?

Hi John,

Currently, the only mechanism to include a custom Legato application in an official Octave firmware build is to have the application tested and certified by Sierra Wireless. The process is on the product roadmap. We have only done this with an IoT Card provider currently.