Can FX30 work Python with Octave

Our customer would like to install python in FX30. Then, we have 2 question, please advise them.
Q1. If customer install additional python to FX30 Yocto, can FX30 run python with FX30 Yocto and Octave correctly?
Q2. Do SWI have a proven record to add python to FX30 Yocto?

Hi takashi_shiina,

You need to add python package and rebuild Linux Distribution with Yocto.
Please refer to below link for more information:

Hello Takashi.

Octave is meant to be used natively, without 3rd party applications (using Octave included Services and Edge Actions as the Edge processing engine):

  • Even though you can currently deploy a custom application to an Octave device, you have no means to update it or deploy it via FOTA: it is therefore not part of the Octave product capabilities to build custom apps on top of Octave and us them on production devices.

  • from Octave 3.4 which will be out shortly, the system will prevent you to install any 3rd party/unsigned application.


I have one question.
If customer would like to add any application to Octave system, please let us know how to add this application?

Hello Takashi,

Octave devices as opposed to open source devices are not designed to support customer applications.

Thanks for your comment.

We would like to implement the following scenario with Octave. Could you please advise whether we can implement them or not.

-We would like to connect Bluetooth sensor IC with FX30.
-We would like to use “WiFi Bluetooth NFC IoT Card” in FX30

-FX30 receive serial data via Bluetooth from sensor IC
-FX30 check this serial data at every time. If this data exceed a certain threshold value, FX30 send this information to Octave

To support Bluetooth IoT Card, we need to rebuild Yocto OS.
And we need to add Shell script in FX30 because we need to set-up any parameter to sensor IC.
But we think that we can implement above scenario on edge action without adding application to FX30.
Please advise your opinion.

Hello Takashi,
With Octave as an all-in-one secure application, we do not provide means for customers to customize the Yocto layer.
So with an intermediate hardware that interfaces the BT IC card, you can use USP for instance to control the device. But you cannot deploy the drivers on the Octave device itself