Import Python Libraries into FX30

Hello - I am attempting to run a python script on the FX30 device that requires a package that the FX30 does not have installed by default. Is there a way to import python packages for the FX30?

I’m new to the Legato framework, but based on what I’ve read in the tutorials, you must write apps using C. Can I write programs for the FX30 in another language?

Thanks for your help.


First, if you want to add python package, please follow the link bellow for the sources files and instruction of Rebuild Linux Distribution with Yocto.
By following this article, you need to re-build a new linux distro with all the package you need.

For the python application, there is an sample app to run a python script here:

For more details or some topic that may help you use python, you should try legato forum, as your topic was posted in the wrong place. About the part of must write app with C is incorrect, actually you can use any programming language as you want to, but for now using C is easier to build app with Legato framework than python(there many legato api that support only for C).