Recipes to upgrade python version on FX30


I am currently working in a IoT project where we use the FX30 device, in the default linux distribution that comes with the device or the one that I built from source, comes with the python version 2.7.3. In my project I need at least the version 2.7.12, I would like to know if somebody could point me out a recipe to upgrade the python version, I tried it by using the recipes available for mangoh boards without success.

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Hi pisani,

Maybe you can refer to this post?


If you’re on the 3G FX30 (using WP85), the meta-python layer it uses is based on is dizzy (yocto 1-7). Dizzy has python recipe only for 2.7.3 Writing a python 2.7.12 recipe by yourself is probably not trivial. You can try the Yocto forums to see if someone has done this already or not.

The FX30 based on WP77/76 use a newer Yocto release 2.2 which has Python 2.7.12 by default. This is another option that you can explore. Please reach out to your Sierra Wireless contact and they can help you with that.

Hello pisani,

The solution to update the version was provided on the other post.