Generate new Image upgrade Python

Hello you all

I am working in my project using the FX30, and I need the minimal version of python 2.7.9, and the version installed in the image is 2.7.3, I was following an application note to generate new images using yocto. I was able to generate the new image but I can’t install it using fwupdate, it get me a download error.

Could you advice me what are the best way I can follow to have the system with the specifications that I need?

Thank you so much


Hi Gustavo,
Could you please send the logs from the FX30?
What version of FX30 firmware are you using?
What version of Legato are you using?
Could you try using swiflash? You can install it from here: … /swiflash/


Hi Chris,

The error was the following in the image attached,

but I tried to flash the image using fastboot and I can’t access the board through USB anymore.

Thank you so much.