How to get a +WIND 15 response


I need the network time in one of my project, and the only place I can get that is from a NITZ notification which comes with the +WIND: 15 unsolicitated response. The problem is that I never receives a +WIND: 15 response.

I have offcouse enabled all WIND responses (32767)

Can I provoke in any way?


So that means that your network never sends you a NITZ notification.

You would have to ask your network operator about that!

See also: … light=nitz



first, your network provider has to support NITZ indication (which is not the case with all providers).
Then, it appears that the +WIND: 15 indication is often sent when attaching to GPRS (e.g. when sending AT+CGATT+1).
And of course, the +WIND: 15 indication has to be activated with the command AT+WIND=xxxxx (depending on the other indications you want to be activated).
Can you check if you get the +WIND: 15 indication when AT+CGATT=1 is sent.