GPRS time

is there a way to get GPRS time?

we can get hardware time by at+cclk or adl_getTime but what if we want to get time from GPRS connection?

i see on the screen the “+WIND 15,1 …” message when modem starting. It shows the SIM operator name like “VODAFONE” and shows the time and some numbers. How can i get these informations?

i searched for WINDs but couldnt find a useful information about my problem.



Also google for “NITZ”

thanks for the information. i will try those

If you can’t get NITZ (South Africa doesn’t seem to for what it’s worth), implement a Simple NTP. This is basically a 48 byte block that you prepare in a rather fixed fashion, push it out over UDP to a known, stable time server (use IP address, UDP and DNS on Wavecom doesn’t seem to work in WIP < 4.00) and parse the reply. I then set the modem time with AT+CCLK (currently on 663b10) from this reply. It works quite well and time always seems to be accurate to much less than a second.
I’ve made this part of my standard modem startup - it attaches GPRS and gets the time. The external devices can then use this as a time reference and an indication that GPRS is functioning properly.

If you want an example, I think someone posted one a while back - so try a ‘Search’

i think the example is here viewtopic.php?p=4789
i have not got any time to try it now but whenever i get a chance i will try it . i hope that would work.
thanks alot - “the home of the Network Time Protocol project”