network time zone updation

sir i inserted other than idea sim in Gsm modem the current date & time is not updated in rtc in that wind +15 command is not coming.
but when i insert the idea sim in GSM module the current date & time is update to current values in rtc.
what is problem behind this,
please any one can help me with beautiful quote
thank u


Have you enabled the +WIND unsolicited results? Check out the


command in the Firmware guide.

But … in GSM modules (at least the Q2686 up to firmware FW7.47 in my knowledge), the modules DO NOT automatically update the RTC from the NITZ messages.

Depending on your module, you might have to write a small OpenAT application to do the RTC network time update.

ciao, Dave


Further, there is no guarantee as to when the network will issue NITZ - or even that it will ever issue it at all.

etc, etc,…