SL8082BT - RTC time update issue

Dear All
In case of SL8082 RTC resets and gets sets to last set /saved value …is there any AT command / procedure where SL8082 module sets to factory reset time(RTC: “00/06/09,17:33:00”) and acquires network time if the SIM is available “or” gets sets through external RTC.

currently i am not able to judge weather External RTC time is correct “or” internal SL8082 RTC time ?

pls. suggest…



The RTC of the unit will never be set by the firmware on its own, it needs some form of positive action from the application (be it Open AT or external micro processor). To actually get the time from an external source there are a couple of options.

  • Enable NITZ on the unit (at+wind=8192), that way if the network the unit is attached to sends out a NITZ message the unit will output it.
  • Send an SMS (it can be to itself) with status reporting enabled and start a timer, when the SMS is delivered you will get a status message back from the network which includes a time stamp, this is effectively the time you sent the SMS which mean you can back calculate the real time using the timer you have running.



Thanks for the response!!

But in case of below conditions

  1. No SIM card inserted
  2. Network Failure
  3. SIM not working

We do data storage with time stamp at predefined intervals, is there any method to get/retain the RTC clock.

pls. suggest


I presume you are setting the clock at some point with the at+cclk command and are you then retrieving it with the same command (at+cclk?)?

When the unit is powered down for the RTC to keep running it needs to have power maintained on the Vcc lines.