RTC updating issue


Hi All,

Currently on my SL6087, the RTC is updated with the time from the GPS module. I find the RTC drifts, so the time is refereshed whenever I get a GPS lock. This all works fine for a bit, then after a while (generally after a few days of running) I cannot update the RTC using adl_rtcSetTime or via AT+CCLK anymore. Here’s and example of trying to put the clock back 24 minutes


+CCLK: “13/09/16,10:54:21”



+CCLK: “13/09/16,10:54:37”

Only if I completely power the modem down (including the RTC) and power back up can I configure the time again.
This thread also mentions not being able to set the time with AT+CCLK

Is this a common or known issue?



Can you try Firmware 7.52? This should be fixed in Firmware 7.52.


Hi Sushil,

Thanks for the response… I’ll try that firmware on a few units and let it run for a few days.



I have a similar issue on FXT009, I am currently using firmware 7.46.

We update the time on all our devices on a daily basis for RTC to be always in sync with our server.

However I see issues where the time cannot be updated and the RTC changed to some odd date and time.
I currently have issues with 3 units out of 100+ devices deployed in the field.

  1. One has its RTC gone to 24 hours behind
  2. One unit to 12 minutes behind
  3. One has its RTC gone to a few days behind

The third device was rebooted several times by our engineer on field and see no difference. This device was sent back to our office, which took 2-3 days to get to me in post. By the time I got here I couldn’t see this issue. It may be because the RTC battery has been discharged and so it allowed me to set the time after I turned it on.

Is this a firmware issue? If so why and when does it happen?
Is this solved in 7.52?

Please can someone help me?




So you’re saying it is a known issue, and it has been fixed :question:


Firmware 7.52 is not available for Q2686G and Q2687G.