RTC Issue

We currently using firmware R7.47.6.201212170952.Q2687G

We update the time on all our devices on a daily basis for RTC to be always in sync with our server.

The server Date and Time was updated around 45 days after that server Date & Time is not updated.

I currently have issues with 80 units out of 800 devices deployed in the field.

This device was sent back to our office,We configure the Date and Time (AT+CCLK=“15/04/25,08:29:40”) command and verify the Date and Time by using (“AT+CCLK?”) command.
Received date and Time is +CCLK: “15/04/25,07:40:10”.

Hence the RTC Date and Time not updated.

We reset the RTC backup battery power after that Date and Time was successfully updated.

Kindly give your feed back for over come this issue.

This should be fixed in Firmware 7.52. I know someone (SWIR customer) who faced this issue on Firmware 7.46 and has been testing 7.52 for a couple of months with positive result.

i have same issue.please help me
now we have 600pcs deivce in the field…and the fw is R7.46…and run the open at .

how can to upgrade the fw to R7.52? our deivce can not do boot upgrade (no make the boot pin)

my issue:
1 to upgrade to R7.52 from 7.46 by x-modem … it is failed
2 to remotely upgrade (ftp dota) fieled

please help me …sir…have any good solution?

more problem

whether i do not install the RTC battery…the issue will be not occur?

now .my device fw is R7.46 and run open at .
whether have a solution can fix the issue…meanwhile do not need to upgrade to R7.52

NOTE: my open at can remotely upgrade

Firmware 7.52 is not available for Q2687G.