AT+CCLK not working

For some reason the AT+CCLK command is giving trouble. I try to set the clock time by sending:
I receive the OK, but when I check the time, it hasn’t changed.

In my OpenAT App I set the time with adl_rtcSetTime each time the unit connects to the server, but picked up I had time problems recently, it just doesn’t work anymore. Is there a limit on the amount of times you can set the clock?

I tried reloading firmware, no help. Running an SL6087 with R7.45 firmware. I have a second unit that still works fine, I can change the clock with both commands

Anyone have any ideas?

See Post :[url]]

I have the same trouble on FXT009 with F7.51 firmware.

Had the same problem several months ago.

After using adl_rtcSetTime(), I couldn’t change the RTC time any more with adl_rtcSetTime and neither with AT+CCLK command. This lasted until RTC power supply was fully discharged, so simple power cycle did not help.

Now I am using adl_atCmdCreate() with AT+CCLK argument and works fine.