AT+CCLK resets the modem

Hey guys, I’m having a project, where the clock on the modem have to be fairly current, so it gets updated from server. However, every update on the clock results in modem just resets…

The modem info: R74a00gg.Q2686G 2106632 102809 12:57

I did it with adl_rtcSetTime (yes, with 4 digits for the year), it works, the date/time gets set, but modem resets after setting it. Then I tried with CCLK, even the basic sample from the docs using the terminal:

I get OK and… modem resets. Any idea why it insists on resetting after clock change?

I tried using AT+CCLK command to set the date and time but i didn’t experience any reset.
Are you still facing this problem??

So that must have been in an Open-AT application.

Was that also in an Open-AT application?
If so, what happens if you issue the command “manually”?