How to solve the GPS Roll over problem on an SL8082

Hallo Ladies en Gentlemen,
We have several Sierra modems in the field and try to find a solution to get a solution for the gps week roll over problem. is the a setting or parameter or an possiblity to set the system time correct so the AT!Time? return the right date, time?

How about receiving the time from network +nitz

oh excuse me I forgot to tell: I get the time and date from GPS

What is the time now you get from gps?

5th April 2000 is exact the GPS rollover effect. I calculated back. In our application I ve been able to correct it but when it type “at!time?” A get a wrong date. I seam to be the inital date. Could it be that this is syncronized with the provider time signal?

Are you running openAT? If so, you can create another AT command to return the date.
At!time seems not to be OpenAT command.

Thanks. I think it’s enought information. The value getting with “at!time?” seeams really to be set by the providers time signalt. I tried this. We run an own appliktion on the system an could create a command for this, but its not neccessary, I’ve been only been a little bit worried about the several RTC values on this system.
Thanks for your cooperation