Auto Clock Update

anyone tried to update the Q2686 clock using time we get in WIND response ?
WIND response gives the time in GMT and Off set in 15 min slots.(comes from the connected cell)



Yep, works like a charm for me. I sync my RTC using the +WIND: 15,4 (NITZ) message that is provided by my operator (Telstra). Requires a little bit of string parsing and a call to adl_rtcSetTime() or +CCLK.

Be aware though, not all operators provide the NITZ messages, and those that do, not all of the messages may be available. The only NITZ message that I’ve seen on from the Telstra Network is the time message - none of the other messages seem to be transmitted.

Remember also that the NITZ message is transmitted at the network’s discretion, and may appear at random times. I’ve noticed that I get it when the modem first connects to the cell, and then at (seemingly) random intervals afterwards. I only have a stationary modem though - you may get the messages more often if you are moving across cells.

If your operator doesn’t transmit the right NITZ message, the only other option you have is to write yourself a SNTP client. There’s a bit of info on the forum about this, and Wavecom provide an application note as well.

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply mate.

This is just a thought. I thought of utilising this NITZ messages. The thing is I am also developing with Telstra SIM card and I haven’t tried other carriers yet. This is just add-on because it is freely available.

I am not using GPRS to use the SNTP to retrieve time over a network.

Thank you.

Also check out AT+CTZU for auto clock setup. (AT+WIND=8192 AT+CTZU=1)
The problem is trying to get the WIND:15 response when you want it. Usually only seen at boot time. And as said before not all providers set the NITZ.

You cannot “get” WIND: 15 when you want it; the network sends it if and when it feels like it!

It is a “push”, not a “pull”

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My reading of the AT+CTZU command guide (R7.4, section 15.7) is that it only updates the time zone (i.e. NITZ msg 6) on the modem, rather than the time itself (NITZ msg 4). I may be wrong about this - I haven’t tried it.

And you’re still hamstrung by the fact that you have no control over the contents of the NITZ message - if and when you get one from your service provider.

ciao, Dave

AT+CTZU updates the time from the NITZ.
So it works on boot up of the GPRS.
So the difficulty now is to get a WIND,15 every now and then. See

But agreed, it depends on the provider as to what is in the NITZ.