Network time reading using SL8090 AT command

How can i read network time using SL8090 AT command?


There’s a +WIND indication (+WIND: 15,…) which displays the NITZ information including the network time.

I tried

I am getting ERROR.

Please refer to AT commands userguide.
+WIND indication are activated with AT+WIND=
: indication levels
8192 (bit13) activate NITZ indication

So try this: AT+WIND=8192
When the NITZ is received by the module (usually just after the module is camped to the network), a +WIND: 15,… information is sent on serial ports.

tried AT+WIND=8192, still i am getting error.
I searched all pdf downloaded for SL8090 module. In one of pdf
“Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guidelines for AirPrime SL809x-Rev4.2”

I found the name “Network Identity and Time Zone (NITZ) as broadcast by network” only. I have not seen any AT command related with network time update.

Sorry, it is not the right plateform, this command is not available on SL8090, but on SL808xT. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thanks for your support. Is there any AT command to get network time?