Unexpected response


Hello everybody,

When i register to the network the modem responses me the following message.
How can i disable it?
+WIND: 10,“SM”,1,“FD”,0,“ON”,0,“EN”,0

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Hi takis,

You should read the section about AT+WIND in the AT command reference… With this command you can set a bit mask to select the WIND indiciations you would like to receive. AT+WIND=0 will disable all, so +WIND: 10 will not show…

If you are using ADL, you should not modify the value!! The system will need those indications to work properly. In this case your application will just have to ignore this message.

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i run this command but the message appears again.

+WIND: 10,“SM”,1,“FD”,0,“ON”,0,“EN”,0

+WIND: 11,“AC51A24D25D56ED85D1211FDC97E88C5”,“5E7BFC83F932302FD9A62180B32DD42B”,“B86441DE7188E0F3FBE52C2DC6400BC0”


Did you do AT&W after you changed the setting? Otherwise it will not be saved through a reset…

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i did it but the same result.

Thanks for your help.


Maybe u can subscribe to +WIND unsolicited response and return a false in the response handler…

Another thing, wind 10 and wind 11 are SIM card initialisation. U can shorten it with command waip=1 but then the adress book will not be read. The time to reach ADL_SIM_FULL_INIT_STATE is divided by nearly 2 and the response will be :

+WIND: 4
+WIND: 10,“EN”,0

instead of :

+WIND: 4
+WIND: 10,“SM”,1,“FD”,0,“ON”,0,“EN”,0
+WIND: 11,“AC51A24D25D56ED85D1211FDC97E88C5”,“5E7BFC83F932302FD9A62180B32DD42B”,“B86441DE7188E0F3FBE52C2DC6400BC0”

Hope it will help…


Hi takis,

Are you using ADL or not? If you do, you should not mess with that value as I wrote earlier. Maybe ADL does correct the wrong setting itself?

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Hi Jan,
I use wm. I want to read a new sms and to save the sender and the text of it.
Do these responses influense my program?

Thanks for your help


Hi takis,

They should not influence your program. You can ignore those strings in your application and/or disable them. That should definitely work. Try it in AT command mode:


then turn off and on again.

You should see no wind indications now.

set the pin with at+cpin=…

then also no wind indications should be seen…

check this out:

[09:58:21] at+wopen=0
[09:58:21] OK
[09:58:23] +WIND: 1
[09:58:27] +WIND: 7
[09:58:32] at+wind=0
[09:58:32] OK
[09:58:38] at+cpof
[09:58:39] OK
[09:58:40-F] \x01\x00
it's off! turning it on...
[09:58:43] OK
see: no +WIND's here!!
[09:58:52] at
[09:58:53] OK
[09:58:58] ati3
[09:58:58] 341b09gm.Q2400A 1339080 041604 16:02
[09:58:58] OK

it worked even without AT&W!

Best Regards,


Hi Jan,
I did what you sent me and no winds appears.

It is possible to enable specific Winds?

I ask it because i want to check some responses.

Thanks Jan.


Hi takis,

You should read the section about AT+WIND in the AT command reference… With this command you can set a bit mask to select the WIND indiciations you would like to receive.

Best Regards,


Hi everybody,

To enable all the Winds indications i used the command
AT+WIND=32762 as General Indication says.

I use the WM_AT_UNSOLICITED to check if a wind 4 appears to me. If i receive WIND 4 i execute the following code.

In the Terminal Emulator the Winds appears but in the Target Monitoring Tool not.

s32 wm_apmAppliParser ( wm_apmMsg_t * pMessage )
char * pch;

wm_atResponse_t     *pAtResponse    = (wm_atResponse_t    *) NULL;
wm_atUnsolicited_t  *pAtUnsolicited = (wm_atUnsolicited_t *) NULL;

wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, "Embedded  : wm_apmAppliParser()" );

switch ( pMessage->MsgTyp )
    case WM_OS_TIMER :
        OsTimer ( pMessage->Body.OSTimer.Ident );
    case WM_AT_RESPONSE :

pAtResponse = &(pMessage->Body.ATResponse);
wm_strRemoveCRLF ( strReceived, pAtResponse->StrData, pAtResponse->StrLength );
wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, strReceived );

        pAtUnsolicited   = &(pMessage->Body.ATUnsolicited);    
        wm_strRemoveCRLF ( strReceived, pAtUnsolicited->StrData, pAtUnsolicited->StrLength );
        wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, strReceived );

if ( STR_EQUAL ( strReceived, “+WIND: 4” ) )
wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, “Embedded : DELETE ALL SMS” );
wm_strcpy ( strBuffer, “AT+CMGD=1,4\r” );
SND_CMD ( strBuffer );
wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, “Embedded : NO MESSAGES IN MEMORY” );

if ( STR_EQUAL ( strReceived, “+CMTI:” ) )
wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, “Embedded : READ SMS” );
wm_strcpy ( strBuffer, “AT+CMGR=1\r” );
SND_CMD ( strBuffer );
wm_strcpy(STR, strReceived);
wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, STR);

default :

        wm_strcpy(strBuffer, "Unknown Message Type :");
        wm_itoa  ((u32)pMessage->Body.ATResponse.Type, strReceived);
        wm_strcat(strBuffer, strReceived);
        wm_osDebugTrace ( 1, strBuffer );
} /* switch (pMessage->MsgTyp) */

return OK;


What am I doing wrong?


Hi again,

Which command enables the Winds indicators?

I use only the AT+WIND=32767 as the manual says but winds can’t be read from the WM_AT_UNSOLICITED.

Is there any other commad that will help me to do that?

Please Help me…


Hi takis,

have you tried this

wm_atUnsolicitedSubscription( WM_AT_UNSOLICITED_TO_EMBEDDED );


Best Regards,


Hi Jan,

That was the problem thanks for your help.