Unsolicited events on Q64 with GR plug in


I’ve got a Q64 running v7.4 firmware and with the GR plug in.

I’m trying to use the CGREG=2 command to give me unsolicited messages about changes in state on the GPRS network. The Q64 accepts the command, and will show the correct information if I type AT+CGREG?, but I don’t get the unsolicited messages. It seems that if I stop the Open AT embedded application using AT+WOPEN=0, I do get the unsolicited messages.

I haven’t loaded an embedded application to the Q64, so why would it make this difference? Is the embedded application actually the GR plug in?




Thanks for clearing this up.

Do you have any idea why the unsolicited messages might not be generated when the GR plug in is running?



Because Open-AT “traps” them for its own purposes.

OK, I see. Is the only way of detecting connection and disconnection from the GPRS network to use the +WIND command and use the NITZ information?

I get a WIND 15 event when it connects to GPRS, but I don’t seem to get anything when it disconnects. Is there a better way of doing this?


That is network specific - not all networks do it, and the ones that do it don’t necessarily do it every time!

forum.sierrawireless.com/viewtop … fone#p2990

You really do need to monitor +CGREG; maybe you could also try +CGEV :question:

What do you mean by “disconnects” here?

Not knowing your application, it’s impossible to say what’s “better” for the particular requirements of your particular application!
Hence you really should be discussing this with your Distributor or FAE - where you will be able to go into the full details of your situation…