Call monitoring on the Q64


We’ve been using the GR64 in our application but have now had to change to the Q64 with the GR plug in.

On the GR64, we used the AT*ECAM=1 command to turn on unsolicted events to show call status, but this command is not available on the Q64.

Is there an equivalent command that we could use on the Q64, perhaps from the WMP100 set of commands?



Have you actually looked in the AT Commands Guide?

eg, AT+WIND :question:

OK, thanks, I see this now.

On another point, I’m trying to use the CGREG=2 command to give me unsolicited messages about changes in state on the GPRS network. The Q64 accepts the command, and will show the correct information if I type AT+CGREG?, but I don’t get the unsolicited messages. It seems that if I stop the Open AT embedded application using AT+WOPEN=0, I do get the unsolicited messages?

Can you explain further? I haven’t loaded an embedded application to the Q64, so why would it make this difference?