No unsolicited events while running OpenAT application


We have just received a batch of new Q24Plus modems, with a new version of the firmware labeled

657g00gg.Q24PL003 1972992 102208 17:08	(as response to at+cgmr)

Well, in this new firmware, when an OpenAT app is running (that is: AT+WOPEN=1) no UNSOLICITED events are notified, either to the serial port nor to the Open AT application. Even the simplest “Hello World!” OpenAT application shows this behaviour (in this case my observation is that no events are delivered to the serial port).

Specifically I refer to the events
+CREG: 1
+WIND: …
expected at the serial port after activating their delivery with (AT+CREG=1 // AT+WIND=32767).

The older firmware we were used to (657_09gg.Q24PL003 1954500 102706 18:44) operated correctly concerning these events.

Have you also observed this? Do you know how to make the modem operate properly??

Thank you very much and kind regards,