No unsolicited responses like +WIND after +WOPEN=1



I’m running a Q24PL with FW 6.57e. A simple “Hello world” type app is created with OAT 3.13.

Just after it is started with AT+WOPEN=1, I get OK. After the modem restarts, I get my “Hello, world” message. No +WIND messages appear, but AT+WIND? responds with +WIND: 32767.
In fact, no unsolicited messages are shown at all (like +WIND: 4 or +CKEV: 1,1).

Please help me out!


ADL is filtering them - as described in the ADL User Guide.

If you want them forwarded to the UART, you will have to set up handlers to do that…


awneil, thanks for your reply.

Actually, I want to catch +CKEV events. Pressing and releasing buttons works with the OAT app not running, I can see +CKEV events just fine.

In my app, I subscribe to these with adl_atUnSoSubscribe ("+CKEV: ", myKeyHandler). However, nothing arrives to the handler either. I remember I was able to catch +WIND: 4 notifications from my app without additionally having to mess with UARTs. It was on Q2406B with FW 6.55 and OAT 3.10.


Well, I called my distributer for the most fresh copy OAT. This turned out to be 3.19. Which solved my problem completely, all unsolicites show up as required, and I am happy to see those +CKEVs!


To be precise, that would be the “most fresh” version for the Q24.

It is not the most recent of all available Open-AT releases…


You’re right. I did mention I am running on Q24PL did I? :smiley: