What am I missing here?

I have a problem with some of the comments from OA forum responces,

You guys are very quick to say did you read the manual, YES I HAVE and frankly it does not add up,
being new to OA, I`m trying the “BASICs” not the BASIC OA but the the “ADL” basics, here are the simple things I try and cannot get to work even when following the manual examples. I have found this with many examples: So here goes:
1- I use the Wizard to create the “empty” project with the ADL recomendation
2- I then open the project in ECLIPSE, no problem
3- I compile it, no problem
4- I dump it to the M1306B - Q2406, no problem
5- I then start the app. and get the TRACE back from the adl_main to say that the app. has started.
6- I then add the code on pg22, ADL_USER_GUIDE. I also tried it with WIND14
Recompile and the app runs, here is my problem:
I understand that unsolicited messages are messages generated by the WM module when and external event happens and the message is generated: ie. +WIND:14 when you remove the smartcard.

BUT even though the messages appears in the TE it does not trigger the event in the WIND4_Handler or Wind14 for that matter, to display the TRACE in the TMT

What am I missing ?

There’s no point referring to specific page numbers without saying what revision of the document you’re using! :unamused:

Even then, you might have missed or mis-typed something - You need to show the code that you’re actually compiling - use copy & paste and the ‘Code’ tags

Are you sure that the subscription was successful?


Im using the lastest, or so Im told, OPEN-AT, V3.13 Rev.009 Nov2006,
As fo copy and paste, the doc does not allow that.
As for typo`s the compiler did not show anything of the sort I got a 100% compile and dwl file.

However I have managed to locate the problem, it was in fact some hardware issues with the WISMO 1306.

I had to do the following in order to get joy from the code,
1- Do a at+wopen =0
2- Do a at+wopen =3
3- Do a at+wopen =4
4- at+cfun=1

Did a power cycle,
I the reloaded the code a fresh, the same code that did not work previously.
(did the at+wopen=1 after reset to start the app.)

And from here on after a reset and a CTL-I from the TE to get the TMT syncronized and Bob`s yr uncle…

I have now managed to test most of the sample code in the manual and they now work.

So for now I`m getting the hang of things and learning to interpret the manual, as there are some confusing issues that arise from time to time.
My next step is GPRS but it will take some time.


That is true - and very annoying! :angry:

However, I wasn’t talking about copying and pasting from the documents - I mean you need to copy the text from your source file and paste that into the forum (and use the ‘code’ tags).

It is entirely possible and not uncommon that a typo could still give you valid syntax and, hence, no compiler messages; the classic ‘C’ example is probably:

if( x=1 )    // Typo - should be "x==1"

Hence the suggestion to post your actual source code here - so that people could see if there’s anything like that going on!

(although most modern compilers probably would give a warning in this case).

Ah - jolly good! :smiley:


All I hope is that my comments might help someone else.
Yes copy and past was an missunderstanding :laughing: