adl_atUnSoSubscribe ( "+CMGW: ", cmdSMSHandler );


Hello I try to Subscribe to “+CMGW:” but it´s not working.

adl_atUnSoSubscribe ( "+CMGW: ", cmdSMSHandler );

If I try with code below it´s working.

adl_atUnSoSubscribe("+WIND: 4", cmdSMSHandler);

Is it not possible to subscribe to “+CMGW:”?

Regards /Jörgen


Hi Jörgen
The problem is that you “+CMGW” is not unsolicited.
it is a normal response and the “adl_atUnSoSubscribe” is only for unsolicited responses.
Best regards


Hello Walter and thanks for your reply. Is there any way to act on +CMGW response?

Regards /Jörgen


You subscribe to responses when you send the command…


Hello guys !

It is good that you discuss about this, because I was trying to make an unSoSubcribe to +CME ERROR 13.

This works only in Wavecom Core Firmware Q6.55. In earlier versions it was only an illusion for me.

Can someone give me some precision, share experience ?

Thanks in advance,