How to erase WMP100 when can't use DWLWin?



My WMP100 stopped respond to AT Commands. So I’ll want to erase it and download other program. But I can’t use DWLWin. I have in device bluetooth which uses the same lines as UART1. When I connect PC with WMP trough bluetooth and try to erase application in DWLWin it doesn’t work.

Is any other option to back my WMP100 to life?


You can use AT Commands to permanently erase the application and object data on the WMP. Have a look at the “AT+WOPEN” command.

  • AT+WOPEN=0 - Stop application
  • AT+WOPEN=1 - Start application
  • AT+WOPEN=3 - Erase objects/flash
  • AT+WOPEN=4 - Erase Application

Note that you must stop the application before you can erase the objects or application. Before you erase anything, make sure the WMP is still responing to AT commands correctly. If you can’t send or receive AT commands, you won’t be able to download a new application using “AT+WDWL”.

Note also that you need to put the unit into boot mode when using DWLWin. Tie the BOOT pin to 1V8, and reset the modem with DWLWin started. You require at least 4 UART lines for download (RX, TX, RTS & CTS), so make sure you have access to all of them.


Problem solved. Please close