How to Erase Program and go to Factory Defaults


I have GL6100 modems alredy programmed with an application. I want to delete everything to take it back to factory defaults. I’m using Developer Studio. How can I do it?


See ATZ and AT+WOPEN in the AT Commands manual


I managed to erase the program with the at+wopen command, but now some basic features already present in new modems of this model are not available (eg. at+wipcfg gives an error)



At+wipxxxx commands are part of an application that runs inside the modem, not built into the firmware. At+wopen has deleted this application as well as resetting the configuration. You will have to reload the Internet Application (wip library) into your modem using Dev Studio.

The application should be available as a .dwl file in your installation of dev studio.

Ciao, Dave

edit: Have a look for the file ‘ExtendedATApplication.dwl’ and use DS to download that onto your modem.

ciao, Dave