How to do a quick test to the dev board?

Hi all, I am wondering if you can help with a very newbie question.

I have bought a develop board with Q24PL001 modem. I want to have a test to see if it is fine. The modem is soldered to the board according to the guide. The jumpers are kept unchanged in the original positions. The dev board is connected to the PC via the provided serial cable.

Open Microsoft HyperTerminal, choose COM1 or COM3, set bit rate 115200, then I type AT in the window, unfortunately, I can’t see any response from the modem.

What could be wrong in my test?

Thanks for your information in advance.


What “develop board”?
Have you contacted the supplier?
Didn’t it come with a Troubleshhoting Guide - possibly in the User Guide?

Are you sure that you have plugged the cable into COM1 or COM3?

Is that what the User Guide recommends?

What Flow Control setting did you use?
What did the User Guide recommend?

Hi awneil, thank you for your quick reply.

Universal mother board WISM02

I sent the supplier an email, but have not heard response.

No, there is no Troubleshhoting Guide coming with the dev kit. The guide I am using is the Wireless CPU Q24 Series Customer Design Guideline. If you have the Troubleshhoting Guide, would you please send me a copy?

Yes, I am sure that cable is electrically plugged. In the hyperterminal setting, there are two options, COM1 and COM3. I tried both.

In the Tutorial for Open AT IDE v1.04, it is 115200, so I tried it… I also tried 9600. Did not work either.

Hardware. Tried None, did not work either.

No recommendation.

just add some new information:
I tried the Target Monitoring Tool and Terminal Emulator. The Auto Detect tool could not find match port. I am very frustrated on this because I have connected the serial cable.

It seems that HyperTerminal test is not a problem for everyone but me. Could anyone give me some hints on how you did it? Many thanks.

Is that a genuine Wavecom product?
Did you get it from an official Wavecom distributor?
Did you buy it new, or used?

Yes, it is brand new. I bought it from an official Wavecom distributor in the UK, linkwave. Universal mother board WISM02 is the string printed on the board. I don’t its version .

I am having the same problem.
The unit was purchased new from a qualified distributor. Model is WISMO2.
I have contaced the FAE. He is going to forward me technical documentation ASAP. I find it very bizarre that the development kit does not come with instructions on how to use the hardware? The IDE comes with a nice tutorial, but I cannot find any documentation to support the hardware?! Typical materials include basic instructions on use, schematic, BOM, etc…

Awneil, if you have any suggestions, I am all ears. Otherwise, I will wait to hear back from the FAE.

Spencer: How did you overcome this?

Hi trnelson,

In my case, the kit came with a CD, in which there are some pdf documents including the Customer Design Guideline, Bluetooth Interface, AT Commands Interface Guide for Open AT Firmware. I requested the distributor for the Starter Kit Description.

My original problem was that the modem did not response to my AT command. The reason was found out a bit low level: the CPU was not properly inserted into the tiny socket. Because I solder all the four pins to the board, it took a bit effort to desolder them and took off the CPU and inserted it into the socket again. It is said that we can just solder the pin next to the antenna.

Hope you can have your problem solved soon.


Hi Spencer:

Thanks for the reply.
The FAE was kind enough to forward me a copy of the ‘Development Kit Instructions’. I too, received the CD with all the stuff you mentioned, but the ‘Development Kit Instructions’ were not included. Indeed, this document contained the missing piece of the puzzle.

I have since been able to complete the ‘Hello World’ tutorial without any difficulty. It is very simpistic though. I would very much appreciate a more indepth tutorial on programming with the Open AT system. Maybe something geared towards maximizing the Q24’s potential. Although Wavecomm has done well with providing very detailed supporting documentation (such as references to functions and commands) there doesn’t seem to be much geared towards developing applications. I suppose they want me to take their Developer’s course, but it would be nice if they had more complete on-line tutorials, exercises, or examples. But I suppose that could be an entirely different post! Anyway, please drop a line if you should know of anything like this.



I am currently having the same problem and I am using exactly the same dev board and module that Spencer and Trnelson used. I am following the tutorial to test the “Hello World” example and I cannot get anything out of hyperterminal. I got to the Target Monitoring Tool part, where i try to “auto detect” and it finds no matches. Yes, the cable is connected and the baud rate is at 115200.

Apparently this was resolved because there was yet another documentation missing? Where could I get the “Development Kit Instructions”? How can I get this to work?

Thank you.