How to begin the development with Q24 Plus

Hello dear folks,

I have got a Q24 Plus modem (Q24PL001) and a universal mother board WISMO2 development kit. I am eager to
have the first development taste. I have some questions. Would anyone like to give some information?
Thanks a lot in advance.

  1. the development kit does not come with a tutorial on how to use it. even there is no discription
    about the components on the board. I can figure out most of the components, but don’t know what are
    the three 50-pin slot connector J100, J101, J102. And don’t know how to use the 6 jumpers connected to
    the audio1, audio2 and the SIM card.

  2. How to set up a development environment in my PC? what software do I need install?

  3. Is there any simple example program like “Hello world”?

Anybody has tutorial document on the development? I will be very grateful if you can share it with me.



Hi spencer,

→ I have the tutorial of this kit which answers all your question about J100, J101… But I do not how to send you. Maybe you should ask the distributor first.

→ You can develop your appl with Visual C++, .NET or Eclipse environment. You must install one of these programs before install OpenAT.

→ When you install the OpenAT and read the Tutorial, you can develop an appl by yourself. There are many samples for your reference.

Hi trthaithong,

Many thanks for your warm reply and kind offer. I contacted the distributor and have got the description.

I am following the Tutorial for Open AT IDE1.04 to learn some lessons. I have created a project using the Open AT Project Wizard. There is a naive question:
How to open the project in VC++ and .NET?

Many thanks and wish you a nice weekend,


Hi spencer,

→ When you install the OpenAT, you can use “OpenAT Project Winzard” program to create a new project. You can also open VC++ or .Net to open project workspace (.dsw file) of OpenAT appl.