Q2400A pinout

Hi guys,

I am total newbie to this forum and hardware so please direct me the right way if I am wasting your time.
Our company closed down one site so a formerly used gsm adapter became “obsolete”. I found out that it has two Wismo Quik Q2400A boards inside, and I thought that maybe I could use them in our asterisk pbx. Unfortunately I am not able to connect them to anything. I included a picture of the board, because I was unable to find anything either on google nor here, that even looked similar. I have downloaded all available pdfs from wavecom, but neither of them has a picture of the board, and are mentioning such jumpers that I do not have.
I know that Q2400A is outdated but I only want to use it for speech. I thought maybe I can connect it to a serial port, and the sound card, or make it available as a modem for a pc, and then I would be on my way.
If there is still someone out there who has the faintest idea what I have then please help!


Is it actually a Wavecom board?

From your photo, I can’t see anything on it to suggest that it is …

Actually I haven’t the slightest idea. Can it be any other board? isn’t the wismo sticker enough?

Reverse-engineering stuff like this requires sufficient knowledge & experience - it is not an exercise for a novice!

Yes, of course it can - the whole point of the module is that customers design their own boards to take it!

Not at all!

Just like a light bulb can be plugged into any suitable socket, so a Wismo module can be plugged onto any suitable target board!