Hi, I have just received a module and intend to interface with a PIC controller attached to multiple sensors.
I have found the part reference for the 100 pin connector on the datasheet but when I click the hyperlink it appears to be outdated. Can anyone help me with the part reference for the cable and the connector please?
Also, can anyone tell me if it will it be possible for me to access registers with my own custom C program based on the PIC, or would it be more sensible to use the on board OS to prime the module for data input from the PIC system?

Thanks for your help in advance,

the Q2687 is (almost) pin-compatible with the Q2686
board layout is the same
is the connector


If you talk nicly to your distributor, you should be able to source the connector documentation, a PCB footprint (that may or may not suit your PCB package), and small quantities of the connector itself.

I know that M2MConnectivity in Oz does - maybe I’m just lucky! :smiley:

ciao, Dave

your distributor does carry the connector, you can always buy it from them.

I have designed new board with help of Q2686 development kit user guide .
We have also bought some q2686 module and evln kit.
I have attached the schs of my design …
I powerd up the board(designed borad, tried with both 3.3v and 4v DC supply)… but its not working…
I tried synch with PC using M2M studio(similarly the way I was doing with the evuln board) but unable to connect the board…
And its not genarating the 1.8v(for sim) and 2.8v from the internal ckt of the module…
and also I replaced the preprogrammed module( for SMS services to the new board), but it SIM itself is not subscribng …
what may be the problem…
pls help,…

The previous schematic was not fully loaded , I’m uploading the new one…

Pls help me to fix the problem .