Q2687 pinout


Can anyone help me with pinout of Q2687RD module. I mean those contact plates on the front of the module.
I’ve got some old device which I don’t use anymore, the module is soldered onto the device’s board and connected to different sensors and leds. I have traced all sensors and peripherals and know where are they connected, but there’s no UART on the board. So if I am able to use those front contact plates to work with this module, tell me the pinout, please. I want to use this device for training in Developer Studio.

Thanks in advance


I’ve never seen any docs on what these pads are for. My suspicions are that they are for factory programming and configuration.

The Q26 series modules bring out all the I/O on a 100 pin socket underneath the module. If you unsolder the 4 pins under the shield you should be able to remove the module from the board it is currently mounted on without too many problems.

The connector is fairly fine pitch though and could be difficult to use depending on your electronic skills.

You might be better looking for a FXT series modem which has the same module inside, and all the I/O is brought out for you.

Ciao, Dave

I also have thought about unsoldering but this means I need to build another board kinda dev kit which Sierrawireless sells for 600usd. That’s why I want to use current board, it has all sensors and other components to train on. Just need to find a way to program it :slight_smile: I thought that those connect plates are uart, but it’s only 7 pins instead of 9 in uart1. Maybe it’s uart2?