Q2686 board to board connector


i’m planning to use Q2686 wireless module for our sms applications. Shall i know which board to board connector (GPC) is used in the module side , and which mating connector should be used for the host application. I’m unable to download the technical datasheets from the webcom wesite , tht shows loading ERROR … Please help me to find out the 100 pin connector of the module



To find the correct Connector IS realy difficult.

I found one

4 - 5 $

But you have to buy 1’000 at minimum.

Ask your local Distributor for sample


Thank you :slight_smile:
AXK500147YG is available … It is the socket right ?
i have a doubt regarding this. Which connector is available in the Q2686 modem , socket or header ?


Can anyone provide the latest version of product specification datasheet of “Q2686H”?
I have tried to download the specs from webcom , but i couldn’t :frowning: ; returned with a bug “Chargement en cours…” i dont know about this :open_mouth:



Your Distributor can!

There is also a ‘Contact Wavecom’ link at the bottom-left of the Developer pages - you should use this to report the problem to Wavecom.


Thanks dude !

I have a doubt :open_mouth: wch GPC connector is available in the module side socket or the header ?



a search of the forum will also help you!