How many embedded applications?


I just tried the first embedded application. Yay, it is hello_world :slight_smile: . Still pretty happy.
Have a couple of questions after this try.

After downloading the .dwl file into the Q24PL001 modem, in the Hyperterminal, run the application by typing

I got response in the Hyperterminal:
+WIND: 13
+WIND: 1
+WIND: 16
+WIND: 4
+WIND: 10,“SM”,0,“FD”,0,“ON”,0,“SN”,0,“EN”,0
+WIND: 11,“351252EA93CA5C332655C3FFB461076C”,


  1. I have actually downloaded two applications into the modem, but hello_world is the last one. In at+wopen=1 command, no application is specified. Does this mean that Q24 modem only supports one application? and downloading new application will erasing the previous application?

  2. What do the +WIND lines mean?

Thanks for your response.

  1. YES

  2. +WIND are “Indication” messages, consult the AT Commands guide for more information about how to handle/enable/disbale it.