HL8548 Firmware Upgrade


what is the correct way to upgrade the fimrware of the HL8548?

I’ve tried to use the upgrade tool, but I get the following:

when I restart the module nothing happens. USB1 is present in device manger.
Would it be possible to use der serial port? There is no spec for command line :frowning:

I would guess USB1 appears to late for bootloader handshake?

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So, I’ve managed to use AirVantage to do a FOTA. But Airvantage list for firmware:

and I can’t upgrade to 5.5.20.x Version from the download section. So is this an alpha hardware or software limitation and what can I do?

ATI9 gives me

Best way to upgrade a HL8 is over USB using the one click updater


The USB drivers to do this are at the link below





did the trick.