HL6526RD: Firmware upgrade problem


I am attempting to upgrade the firmware on the HL6528RD module over usb to the computer using


which I downloaded from the sierra wireless website. I have a normal USB cable connected between a USB port on my computer and the USB port on my custom board. This usb port is connected to the USB pins on the module as described in the product technical specification.

I have installed the drivers by running InstallDriver.exe in the folder MS_USB_ComPort_Driver_exe_v1.1032.1
which I downloaded from sierra wireless.

when I run the firmware upgrader I get the following output:

Use Port: USB

Downloading Firmware to Flash Memory ...
DA Initialization is OK.

Creating ROM Entries Success
Loading ROM files Success.
Please reboot your module...
Operation timeout
Firmware Download Failed.

Destroy DL

Destroy DA
Return code : 106
Press any key to continue . . .

Also I do not get anything showing up in device manager. When I plug the device in a device not recognised pop up appears and quickly vanishes.

Do I need to send a UART command to switch the device to USB mode? is there a special power up sequence that is required to get the device into USB mode?

Thanks for your help,



You need to use the at+ksiocfg command to switch USB modes, I would suggest switching it to mode to to allow an upgrade, however, I do not have any luck with Windows and the drivers that are on the source enumerating a workable port, it works on Linux but not Windows.

If you are able to update over the UART at all it is by far the better solution.




Based on the information I could find I thought the upgrade had to be done via USB, Once I found out about having to create HL65xxrd_download.ini in %APPDATA% to make it work over UART. I got this through emailing a supplier. I managed to make it work.

Is there an online resource that describes this process? I was only given a very brief explanation and would appreciate this.

Also how do I upgrade the firmware on Linux? I can only find the EXE file which I think will only work with Windows


No there isn’t an official document describing this, technically yes we should have one. You probably got the attached file, that is all I have.

Download over UART instructions.txt (867 Bytes)

Re how to do it in Linux, we currently do not offer a native capability to do this, you can do it using the at+wdsd command and the delta files from the AV server that is used for FOTA but that is all.